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“Shelly is the connector of the year”

– Arianna Huffington
“Shelly proved that one person can bring awe into the life of another, that we can all make a difference, and that asking for help is incredibly brave.”
– Maria Shriver
Award-Winning Journalist
“I’d like to acknowledge all of our debt to the magnanimity, genius and insight of Shelly.
-Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
Author and Mindfulness Expert
Founder of one of the most impactful global movements to emerge during the pandemic, as well as an authority on self-care, community-building, and connecting inner work to social change, Shelly Tygielski talks about hope for a new order, how to build resilience, living a life centered around intentions, and lessons learned on the road to success.
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Sit Down to Rise Up: Connecting Our Inner Work with the Outer World

Based on the core principles of Shelly’s book “Sit Down to Rise Up,” attendees are taken on a journey from the “me” to the “we” to the “us.” This interactive session bridges the connection between the inner work and the outer world, helping participants understand the symbiotic relationship between the two. Shelly helps leaders realize why self-care doesn’t end with the individual. Rather, it must be recognized as a communal pursuit and a moral responsibility in order to inspire real action and change. Socially conscious companies, non-profits, NGOs, and associations invested in the mission of a better tomorrow will find this session an extremely powerful way to amplify their impactful work.

Showing Up: The Most Important Thing We Can Ever Do

In this session, Shelly shares her secret of life with the audience. Spoiler alert – it has has nothing to do with owning the right stuff, achieving the right goals, or having the right pedigree. It has nothing to do with loving people the right way or even achieving happiness. Shelly’s secret to life is this: Show Up! In an inspiring talk that gets the audience motivated to action, Shelly outlines how we can show up for each other; how we can do so consistently; and why it’s important to show up even when others don’t. For audiences looking to be inspired and gain momentum, Shelly strikes a chord that leaves them believing if they fully show up, good things will start to show up for all of us.

From the Darkness into the Light: Moving Beyond Trauma to Find Hope and Meaning

In this carefully designed program for those affected by gun violence, mass shootings and other tragedies, Shelly helps survivors and families move from breakdown to breakthrough by focusing on two essential concepts — acceptance and surrender. Calling on personal experience and the inspiring stories of others, this discussion proposes that an opening of the heart can move us from a state of darkness to one in which we’re able to see ourselves as bearers of light. This emotional and honest session provides the audience with the tools and the permission to begin a path toward healing.

Radical Self-Care: A Framework and “Permission” to Preserve Ourselves in a World That Can Include Hardship and Misfortune

Based on her wildly popular series on Mindful.org, “Self-Care for Turbulent Times,” Shelly provides the audience with the pillars of self-preservation in a sustainable and approachable manner. Delving into the rich history of self-care, she rallies the audience to understand that self-care is not a selfish act, but rather, the cornerstone of healthy communities. This session is not a ‘coping’ lesson. It’s a plan of action that guides the audience in creating a self-care program, how to support it, how to be held accountable, and how to remove obstacles and stick to the plan. For companies invested in the health and wellness of their employees, providing a clear understanding of self-care is a fundamental aspect of success.

The F#*% It List

Most of us have heard of a ‘Bucket List’ – those things we have to see and do before we die. In this session, Shelly turns that thinking upsidedown. Instead of adopting the mindset, “I’ll be happy when this happens or I accomplish that,” she poses a truly telling question to the audience. “If I were gone tomorrow, have I maximized my personal growth? Have I lived and loved in the right ways? Have I followed my path or someone else’s?” Sometimes that means finding the courage to say, “No, I’m not doing that!”. In this frank discussion, Shelly helps the audience understand that sometimes personal growth means knowing what you don’t want, identifying the obstacles impeding potential, and learning how to say, “F*ck it!” to them. It is even more impactful when you write it all down, so Shelly guides participants in creating their own F#*% It Lists as helpful guides towards self-empowerment.

Finding the Courage to Follow Your Dreams, While Designing the Safety Net To Do It

Shelly spent nearly 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, starting in a cubicle and eventually running a major corporation with 2400 employees operating in 14 regions. She achieved her professional goals. However, that big “corner office” left her feeling empty and unfulfilled so, she spent a year designing an exit strategy that would practically, wisely and securely take her to the place she wanted to be – a life in community care. In this interactive session, Shelly helps people connect the dots between today’s reality and their dreams – using an incremental approach that prepares them for launch. It’s much easier to leap when you know there’s a strong safety net.

The Case For Moving Beyond Goals: Centering Our Life Around Intentions

Most of us have been conditioned to live our lives around goals. Without goals, there’s no purpose, without purpose we have no ambition and without purpose we have no meaning to life. Yet, this goal-centric approach leaves so many of us feeling empty. We put in the hard work only to find it leads to a place lacking true happiness. Setting intentions is vastly different. In this practical session, Shelly discusses the importance of setting and using intentions to build a life grounded in personal meaning. Applying the powerful mantra “if only for today”, participants uncover WHO they want to be and HOW they want to live, which are the true measures of success.

The Eyes Are Blind, But The Mind Still Sees

Diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease at the age of 27, Shelly was told she would be blind by the age of 40. She spent the next 15 years racing against the clock to see more, experience more and imprint lasting memories before losing her vision. Now, at age 43 and visually impaired, Shelly’s positive outlook appreciates that her loss of sight is, in many ways, one of life’s gifts. Inspiring the audience to embrace hardships with grace and optimism, Shelly offers up the multi-step process that helped her emerge from those dark days towards a future that can only be seen as bright.
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Shelly’s book, Sit Down to Rise Up, is an empowering treatise on propelling profound social change by going inward, from a mindfulness teacher and activist who has turned personal practice into movements.
Discuss with us creative ways to incorporate this book as a practical resource for your team, even while remote.


“The most profound workshop I have ever attended in my 20-year career. I wish I had these tools when I first started out – it would have definitely saved me a lot of grief and helped me align my values with my goals sooner.”
– Senior Executive
“Shelly and the Pandemic of Love are an inspiring testament to the power of giving, which, as science shows, is one of the most effective ways we can boost nearly every aspect of our well-being.”
– Arianna Huffington
“We’ve brought back Shelly several times due to popular demand. Her workshops help us stay grounded, connected and find balance.”
– Senior Vice President
“Shelly Tygielski is the real deal”
– Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn Author and Mindfulness Expert
“A shining light…”
– Jessica Yellin, Journalist
“Amazing and incredible!
Shelly is a rock star!”
– Executive Vice President
“[Shelly’s workshop] is truly a blessing during this unprecedented time. The session stirred a lot of positive energy and chats amongst the participants.”
– Peng Chua, Client Services
“[Shelly’s] talk, interactive session and guided meditations were absolutely novel, filled with great information and we got many many great comments from the audience. [She] had a huge number of viewers, which is impressive. Thanks to [Shelly], we have surpassed over 50,000 views of the conference.”
– Vice President, Hill’s
“Shelly’s work is so inspiring, yes, but it’s her ability to empower each of us and make us believe that we are agents of change and that our efforts matter that makes her so relatable and powerful.”
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-Vice President, U.S. Division
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